What are Stiletto Nails?

Some time ago we explained how to make coffin or ballerina nails. Today we will explain, one of the most recent trends for the different styles of nails that exist, stiletto nails. This type of design is inspired by high-heeled and fine-toed shoes.

The nails must be very long to be able to file them on the sides and give them a pointed shape as if it were the tip of a cone or the claw of an animal. They can be decorated in different colors because there is no specific tone for this style of nails.

Do you want to learn how to have your nails in Stiletto style? Here’s what we show you.

How to make stiletto nails?

To do the stiletto nail manicure it is important that you are quite long. The more the merrier. We refer to an approximate length of 1 cm. Once this measure is reached with a file, the sides should be reduced and the nails are given a pointed shape.

The stiletto nail style can be done on natural or false nails. If you lean towards the false ones they will last longer.

Steps to perform stiletto nails

First step:

Clean your clothes with soap and water. Then remove the polish that your nails may have.

Second step:

Dip your hands in warm water and apply some cuticle remover over the base of the nail. Wait approximately 5 minutes in each hand.

Third step:

Dry your hands and with a wooden stick remove the cuticle. Don’t cut it.

Fourth step:

If your nails have the desired length you can start filing them on both sides. Remember that the figure should be as close as possible to the tip of an isosceles triangle. In the event that you are going to use false nails, we recommend filing them before placing them. But, if they are gel or acrylic, you can file them once you have placed the material on your nails.

Fifth step:

Once you get the desired shape it will be time to paint them with the enamel you prefer.

Decoration ideas for stiletto nails in this 2023

This year the trend colors for nails are:

  1. Black. This color never goes out of style and combines with any outfit. The stiletto nails in black are synonymous with elegance and glamour. They can be used both day and night. It is recommended to add some accessories or glitters for a more attractive style. And, is that black is undoubtedly one of the best colors.
  2. Turquoise. Another color that makes its appearance this year is turquoise. This is a very pleasing shade to the eye, fresh and modern. It can be combined with other colors to make it stand out. The decoration does not have to be unicolor, in fact for the stiletto style it is suggested to use different shades and combinations that can be white, pink, beige, or gold.
  1. Decoration in neon colors. For cheerful and youthful styles this year the option is neon tones. These can also be combinable but preferably with the same neon shade.

Play with the colors and lean on the one that goes according to your style.