Find a hairdressing expert specialized in women’s cuts in Lambersart

HAIRDRESSING WOMAN & STUDENT: A stylish shortcut, a plunging square, a long gradient, our hairdresser realizes with art all your desires. Scissors, freezer, mower, equalization, tapering, picketing…
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Everything is allowed to perform the hairstyle of your dreams. Blow-drying, straightener, curls, wavy, according to your desires. At Wild Root Salon Westchester, we are visages, we advise you in the choice of your hairstyle and the care to bring to your hair in order to highlight your assets and camouflage any small defects. The keyword of the team Wild Root Salon Westchester satisfies you and meets your hairdresser needs.

Come and make a hairdresser appointment in a hair salon of enthusiasts and professionals, near Lille!