Braids or Boxer Braids

Perhaps at first glance, the term given to boxer braids is unknown to you; But this type of braid, at present, is a trend that is booming.

It is given this name due to its sporty finish; Although they also call it braids Dutch braids or Dutch braids for being the classic hairstyle of this country.

Braids have been the best-known hairstyle of all time; This way of grooming the hair is very old; and it is even said that it originated in Africa several years before Christ; At that time, taking care of your hair and combing it in this way represented hierarchy and good social status.

Currently, braids are so well known, that anyone regardless of age uses them; causing an effect of elegance and freshness and at the same time, becoming a safe beauty technique.

So, in this article, we will try to solve the following questions: what are boxer braids?; What do you have to take into account to do them? and who wears them?

Braids boxer braids are a hairstyle that does not go out of style

It has been a hairstyle that has been maintained over time; being used even by celebrities at red-carpet galas. These braids that were only used to go to the gym have become a trend in even important events.

Boxer braids have been used by different types of people, And even in one season, it was the characteristic headdress of the so-called hippies. They were inspired by the representative hairstyle of female boxers being now popular for women of any age and even men.

What are these braids like?

They are very comfortable for all occasions, they are made from the root, stuck to the head until the end of it; Both make a lateral route leaving a line in the middle that separates them.

Despite being simple, they are not for all audiences; However, currently due to their popularity there are different YouTubers who have created tutorials where they explain the procedure; It is only required to pay attention, make it want, and use some products to moisturize the hair.

It is true that the longer your hair is, the prettier they look; It is important to keep in mind what outfit you are using, to know what type of boxing braid will be more flattering.

Boxing braids in the form of herringbone and in the form of a bun.

Perhaps when you start doing them they may seem a bit complicated; But then, when you get the hang of it, you can do them in less than 5 minutes.

These braids are very easy to make and beautiful at the same time; ideal for any occasion; you can do them with wet or dry hair depending on the look you wear; You should only practice them at home without having to go to a hairdresser.

No matter how old you are, or how seasonally these braids are maintained over time; being a technique to look attractive and charming without having to use many hours to carry it out.